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​The Memory Lab uses behavioral and neuroimaging methods, in conjunction with studies of special populations, to develop a deeper understanding of the manner in which memory supports everyday cognitions, such as future thinking and learning in the classroom... [Read more]


Now recruiting TMU undergrads for paid study sponsored by the National Science Foundation that aims to examine strategies for improving the quality of online learning.


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Recent news/updates:

May 2022: Alec Benavides awarded William Glassman Prize in Psychology. Congratulations, Alec!

April 2022: Hymnjyot Gill awarded CGS-M SSHRC Scholarship. Congratulations, Hymnjyot!

April 2022: Samantha Gauvreau (incoming graduate student) awarded CGS-M NSERC Scholarship. Congratulations, Samantha!

April 2022: Marni Goldstein awarded Harry Rosen Research Grant to study interpolated testing and test anxiety. Congratulations, Marni!

April 2022: Anne Cabildo is accepted to graduate program at the University of Toronto. Congratulations, Anne!

April 2022: Avishag Frank is accepted to graduate program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Congratulations, Avishag!

April 2022: Ruthie Poizner is accepted to graduate program at Concordia University. Congratulations, Ruthie!

April 2022: Joey Vong awarded NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. Congratulations, Joey!

April 2022: Joey Vong successfully completed their undergraduate thesis!

March 2022: Ayleen Roderer (Aarhus University, Denmark) joins lab as a visiting graduate student. Welcome, Ayleen!

November 2021: The Memory Lab receives funding from the James S. McDonnell Foundation (USA) to study collective temporal thought

Recent coverage of our research by The Atlantic:

Our research is made possible by funding from the following sponsors:

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